Tips For Creating World Famous Sausage

Tips For Creating World Famous Sausage

Do you like meat? What is your favorite? For me I love sausage. Out of all the meats that I eat sausage is easy to cook, tastes great and can be eating alone or as a side dish. When it comes to the overall taste of the sausage you want a good quality of meat as well as a select number of sausage seasonings to compliment your creation.

How do you make sausage?

sausage seasonings

Well first you need to know the ingredients that are required for creating your sausage.

Meat – some people use pork, beef or even venison.  It’s really a matter of personal preference and what tastes good to you.  Make sure you get all-natural meat without any additives or fillers such as water, artificial flavors or colors.

Seasonings – This ingredient is very important and can make or break your sausage.  Be sure to find a good quality seasoning that suits your taste buds.  You can usually find salt, sugar, spices and herbs in these seasonings.  

Fat (optional) – Some people use extra fat during this process.  If you want a less fatty sausage then it’s best to find leaner meats and choice cuts of meat rather than fatty cuts.

Equipment – You’ll need some equipment for making your sausage.  You will need a grinder or something that can grind the ingredients into smaller pieces, containers for mixing your ingredients, thermometer, bowls, and gloves.

The process  – How do you make sausage?  

In preparation for your sausage making session here are some easy steps to follow:

1.  Prepare all of the ingredients that you will need before you start grilling/cooking them (don’t forget to wipe down any work surfaces).

2.   Combine them all into the bowl and mix together. Once mixed, you will put them into sausage casings. These casings will hold the meat creating your sausage. Once in the casings you want to prepare them for cooking.