On Printing An Envelope

On Printing An Envelope

An envelope. You wonder now. Do they still have such printed matters? Yes. Indeed, they do. There is still very much a demand for envelope printing in Corona. But perhaps it is fair to suggest that the printing mill is not as busy as it used to be. After all, not as many people are given to the art of letter writing which would inevitably require a decorative envelope with its neatly sealed postage stamp, usually in the top right-hand corner of said printed matter.

envelope printing in Corona

And then there was always that moment of excitement.

A little old lady stuck somewhere out in the Midwest. All alone. All home and alone. But once in a blue moon, she gets that envelope. It is from her grandson. And my, look how big he has grown already. All grown up and in his sophomore year at college. So tell me son. What are you planning to do after you have graduated from college? Well, grandma. It is like this. I have decided to open up my own printing shop downtown.

And guess what, grandma? We’re going to be printing those envelopes you like so much as well. It is of course, always about supply and demand. Do give the customers what they want, what they need. So it goes without saying that the downtown printing shop is not just printing envelopes. For goodness’s sake. There would be no business to speak of. So, as a prospective customer yourself, you should expect to see a bit of brochure printing and flyers being put together on the premises.

The small shop printing company could also be doing a bit of, how to put it? Booklet printing? Finally, you should not have to worry too much about pricing. Every effort should be made to accommodate you.